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Wedding on an alp

Mountains are energy, elemental force and power. In contrast the human being is tiny. This fact terrified the inhabitants of alpine huts, thus they have tried to banish the anger of the psychic powers with “heathen” spells and Christian support.

To go to mountains means to go home.

The history of human beings in the mountains is several thousand years old. Because of the settlement in the Alps people had to assimilate themselves, although four thousand years ago it was climatically easier to live in the heights. It was warmer and the valleys were mostly damp meadows. The first settlements happened top down. But the real alp colonisation of the human being took place no more than 600 years ago. The people who often lived there with their cattle lasting for months had to find themselves a way and moreover they had a lot of time for meditation. Whether dairymaids, alp harlots or rangers; they are the heroes of the mountains. It is due to them that over the centuries higher reaches became cultivated habitats in consistent with nature.

Union for eternity
Silence and deeper insight
Power and lust
Just a place where love lives