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08.12. - 22.12.18: 7 Tage genießen - 6 Tage bezahlen (Mindestaufenthalt 4 Nächte)


Preise pro Person und Tag inklusive Halbpension / bei Barzahlung - 2% Bonus

zzgl. Kurtaxe € 2,50 im Sommer und € 3,00 im Winter pro Person...

Recovery and Relaxation!

Not just our special ambience of our hotel invites to stay, but also our relaxation range offers the conditions for your recovery and wellness holiday.

Steam bath

Pleasant relaxation
In the cold time of the year saunas and steam baths are booming. The variation of hot and cold is strengthening the immune system and especially in autumn and winter many people like this warmth. Particularly the light steam baths are favoured.

A steam bath has a convenient effect on the mucous membranes, airways and skin.

Solarium und Massage

Sun meadow with solarium effect  FOR 2-3 PERSONS

Back massage and foot reflex therapy
After the therapist found and loosened up your tensions on the back, he additionally stimulates the affected parts at the reflex zones. The self-regulation process of the body gets activated and the improvement of the physic tension is appearing rapid and maintaining longer.

Foot reflexology
Ein Klassiker! Über Nervenpunkte an den Fußsohlen beeinflusst der Masseur gezielt die inneren Organe. Akute und chronische Störungen können gelindert, körpereigene Abwehrkräfte gesteigert werden.
A classic! Through nerve points on the sole the masseur affects the inner organs directed. Acute and chronicle dysfunction can get relieved and the body’s defences build up.

Special head massage
The stimulation of important acupressure points helps the blood circulation, loosens up the neck muscles and tensions of the back of the head and affects genial till the toes.

Sport massage
That is a specialised part of the general massage. Before and after sportive activities To prevent and heal muscle and joint pain.

Connective tissue massage
Over reflex zones sideways the spine the masseur has access to the inner organs. It helps to remove disorders, dejam scars or alleviate circulatory disturbances.

By circular and spiral handholds along the lymph system the masseur creates a increase in pressure then a drop in pressure and finally a phase without any pressure. Thereby the lymph drainage gets activated and the tissue eases. The lymph gets worked off and fresh, rich in oxygen blood plasma can feed ad regenerate the tissue. The vegetativum gets sedated. It is a very good healing assistance after operations.