Hotel Sölden - Ferienclub Silbertal, Gaislach 7, A-6450 Sölden, Tel.: 05254 / 29 87, Fax: 31 44, E-Mail:


08.12. - 22.12.18: 7 Tage genießen - 6 Tage bezahlen (Mindestaufenthalt 4 Nächte)


Preise pro Person und Tag inklusive Halbpension / bei Barzahlung - 2% Bonus

zzgl. Kurtaxe € 2,50 im Sommer und € 3,00 im Winter pro Person...

Welcome in the Alp and holiday club Silbertal with ****Hotel and alpine cottages on the top of the mountains. In the middle of the skiing-area & hiking paradise

It’s so great to welcome everybody and especially you at our alp homepage!

I hope you have a very good time at the moment!

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Here with us, aloft at the ALP AND HOLIDAYS CLUB,  it’s easy to enjoy your wellness!

Our alpine huts and the new Holiday Club Silbertal are located on places where nothing has been at the time of construction!

Unlike the houses in the valley a  building had to get constructed just with basic resources and under the laws of nature.

The resources are and have been timber, bricks and wool!

This closed system, which doesn’t just resist wind and weather, was very labour-intensive – just natural!

Today the attributes security, protection and warmth are a matter of course for the Alp and Holiday Club Silbertal.

Alpine huts are just a lot more lively than these modern houses.

It’s the freedom, living with the nature with all the beauty in the mountains!

Our Alp and Silbertalcrew is ready for you!

We are looking forward to entertain you and to bring the sun into your life.

If you have any questions please call me.

It would be a pleasure for me to help you.