Hotel Sölden - Ferienclub Silbertal, Gaislach 7, A-6450 Sölden, Tel.: 05254 / 29 87, Fax: 31 44, E-Mail:


08.12. - 22.12.18: 7 Tage genießen - 6 Tage bezahlen (Mindestaufenthalt 4 Nächte)


Preise pro Person und Tag inklusive Halbpension / bei Barzahlung - 2% Bonus

zzgl. Kurtaxe € 2,50 im Sommer und € 3,00 im Winter pro Person...

My dear friends of the alp and holiday village

It is a wonderful and fulfilling job to run a alpine hut as a hotel. But to be successful with it is the cream of the crop! There is no calculation behind this success, but management, knowledge, hard work, imagination, love of nature, fantasy and joy at development.

There will be a growing demand for alpine huts – why?

We are living in an eventful time and it won’t get calmer – far from it!

Because of the progress of globalisation and the increase of terrorism and war the desire for peace, reflection and warmth is growing.

The construction of new alpine huts in the alps, which is the recreation area for about 400 Mio. European people, is getting more and more limited by sanctuaries and it will come to rest. Moreover there is a law for water protection which cuts off the professional use of existing alpine huts.

This may mean that there won’t be nearly enough alpine huts for the increasing demand.

At the Alp and Holiday Club Silbertal the guests experience creaky wood, crackling fire in the hearth, an adventurous lightening in the mountains, simple homeliness, cosiness, warmth and security like it is shown on television. But there is not just this wonderful lodge romance, moreover we offer a working infrastructure and the service of a first class hotel.

The smell of freshly roasted bacon and eggs is pervading the cottage. The fire gets sparked in the crimson and this unique experience is accompanied with wonderful classical music.

Enjoy these days of wellness at the Alp and Holiday Club Silbertal with your sweethearts!